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ALIVIO EARTH is a pioneering initiative to address some of the most challenging concerns in health and well-being. We focus on improving the quality of life of people suffering from Chronic pain and their side-effects by researching and applying pioneering muscle release technology called Releasology. 

Royal Jacob founded Alivio Earth based on his 36 years of experience and miracles with Releasology science developed over years of research post his training with Shaolin Masters and inspiration from Vedic and Chinese medicine, healing more than 70,000 people across different continents. He also authored a unique book on Human Anatomy, subscribed as a text book in ____

Alivio Earth applies the breakthrough modality of Releasology which can holistically treat over 40 ailments in the human body by simply stretching, holding a pressure point and releasing muscles. Releasology supports, energizes and empowers the health, vitality and emotions of people suffering from chronic pain and associated health afflictions that are not easily solved by modern medicine.

Royal visited Comuna Trece in 2021. He offered free treatments to local residents. He helped this elderly man regain movement of his hand and regain the ability to lift his arm. This trip inspired the creation of
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